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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Information regarding UI employees and volunteers who suffer injuries

Richard G. Saunders, senior associate director of Human Resources at the University of Iowa, issued the following message today regarding UI employes and volunteers who are injured:

Non-employee Volunteers: The State of Iowa has determined that if a person who is not an employee volunteers for any activity at a state agency and is injured in the course of that volunteer activity, that person is not considered an employee and cannot file or participate in the State of Iowa's workers compensation program. The individual must file a State of Iowa tort claim through the Risk Management Office.

Employee Volunteers: This rule would also apply to hourly employees who participate in volunteer efforts outside of their regular work hours. Keeping in mind the current flood situation on campus, hourly employees participating in flood support efforts, while not in pay status, will not be covered by workers compensation unless specifically assigned by their supervisors.

Assigned Employees: FLSA exempt employees are considered to be on duty at all times so they will be covered by workers compensation for work place injuries. This will include support efforts related to the flooding on campus.