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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cambus to resume normal routes Monday

Cambus will operate all of its normal routes as of Monday, June 23.

The Red Route & Blue Routes will be modified as they will not service the Arts/Hancher lot campus. They will service all other bus stops at approximately the scheduled times - every 15 minutes. The Pentacrest Route will not use Iowa Ave. but will service all other stops - approx. every 15 minutes. The Hawkeye-Interdorm Route will be modified as it will not service Mayflower (every 30 minutes).

All Hospital and Hawkeye routes will operate.

In addition, a special route (Parklawn "Shuttle") will operate between the Parklawn Residence Hall and Hardin Library. People from Parklawn can catch the bus (every 15 minutes) on Park Road and then transfer to a Pentacrest or Red Route bus at the Hardin Library. To return, they can catch a Blue Route from the downtown back to the Hardin Library and then transfer to the
Parklawn Shuttle.

The Oakdale route will continue to operate using Camp Cardinal Rd. It experiences significant delays due to this re-route.

People should expect some delays during the AM & PM peak periods.

One more thing - Cambus will NOT operate the special shuttle from the Sycamore Mall as of Monday.

Brian McClatchey
Cambus Manager
Parking & Transportation Dept.
The University of Iowa
100 Cambus Office
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
319-335-8632 FAX 319-335-6647