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Monday, June 16, 2008

Highlights from Monday, June 16 media briefing

Here are highlights from the Monday, June 16 media briefing on the University of Iowa campus (Note: Some of the information is updated from a posting of highlights earlier today and available here.) Listen to an audio file of the briefing in WAV format here.

--Don Guckert, associate vice president for facilities management, said electrical power has been restored to all campus buildings that lost power yesterday (although some remain offline because of flood waters) and all data centers are back online so the university’s information technology system is much more stable.

Guckert also said the university has begun working with companies that specialize in restoration and reconstruction to begin the recovery effort. He praised the volunteers for the sandbagging they did, even on the levees that were breached, because their work means recovery operations are beginning earlier and damage will be minimized in the buildings that were flooded.

--Lola Lopes, interim vice president and provost, urged students who return when classes likely resume on Monday, June 23 to carpool, take public transit, or park in temporary remote lots and ride Cambus. She said many roads and parking lots on campus will still be closed when classes resume.

In addition, she said students who want to drop their summer class can do so without a mark appearing on their transcript and receive a full financial refund. However, she encouraged students to consider whether that would be appropriate, particularly those who need the summer credits to graduate or advance academically. She urged all students enrolled in summer classes to contact their advisors.

--Jean Robillard, vice president for medical affairs, said now that roads and highways to Iowa City are beginning to clear, transportation shuttles to bring University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics personnel from Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities will be phased out.