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Saturday, June 14, 2008

UI News Release: UI Hospitals and Clinics prepares to maintain access

Officials with University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City today announced they are taking steps to help patients, visitors and staff to continue accessing the state’s only comprehensive medical center should floodwaters block an important route to the facility.

Forecasters now say they expect the Iowa River to crest on Tuesday, June 17. Those floodwaters may force the closing of the bridge on Burlington Street in Iowa City. If the Burlington Street bridge does close, that means the only remaining access route to UI Hospitals and Clinics would be from the west side of the community along Melrose Avenue.

Hospital leaders are taking action to relieve potential congestion on Melrose Avenue in order to permit ambulances and supply trucks to reach the health care center.

Faculty and staff can exit Melrose Avenue at the entrance to the UI’s Finkbine Golf Course and use an access road to reach the commuter parking lots along Hawkins Drive. Cambus will increase its service to those lots to transport faculty and staff to UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Faculty and staff may also park in the Hawkeye commuter lot and ride a Cambus to UI Hospitals and Clinics free of charge.

Faculty and staff are also urged to carpool, use public transit or the UI’s van pool service, and to walk or bike to work in order to reduce the number of vehicles traveling on crowded roadways.

Patients or staff may call 319-384-6203 or log onto for updated information on flooding and travel routes to UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Managers continue to work with their staffs to determine the staffing levels needed to meet patient care needs. Some staff members may work remotely from their homes.

Hospital staff members also continue to call patients with clinic visits planned for June 16-20 to discuss postponing clinical appointments that can be delayed.

MEDIA CONTACT: Tom Moore, 319-356-3945,