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Saturday, June 14, 2008

UI issues policy on housing essential university personnel

The residence halls on the University of Iowa campus are being used to house faculty and staff in offices that are essential to the university’s continued operation. The facilities are meant to give staff members a place to rest and relax when they are not working. The amenities are few, but we want to make it a welcoming environment for university essential employees.

1. Call the Hillcrest front desk at 335-9168 for west of the river.
Call the Currier front desk at 335-2976 for east of the river.
2. Identify yourself, your department, an estimated arrival time to the hall, and the length of time you will be staying (if known).
3. When you arrive, show the desk staff your ID or hospital name tag. We will not offer housing to anyone not having an ID or name tag.
4. Fill out the form the staff member provides to you.
5. You will receive the following from the desk:
a. A room key
b. A set of linens (some may already be in the rooms)
c. A brief listing of policies and procedures

Essential staff will be assigned in double rooms to ensure we have enough space to house everyone. That may mean that you may not know the person you live with. Unfortunately, our options in this regard are limited.

Service levels will be minimal. No linen exchanges will be made. There will be no housekeeping in the rooms. Cleaning of the restrooms will occur, but may not be on a daily basis. Cooking in the student rooms is not allowed. Candles or other open flames are not allowed. Please consider the following:
• The University has no steam or chilled water, so there will not be warm showers or hot water for the time being.
• Empty your own trash in the trashrooms located on each floor.
• Telephone and internet in the rooms are not available; there are wireless spots in the certain areas of the building. The front desk can assist in locating wireless hot spots if you have a laptop computer and a hawkid. The Hillcrest ITC will be available for use; ask the front desk for directions and procedures.
• Laundry is available; they are not coin operated. Contact the front desk to borrow a card to operate the laundry machines.
• Food service will be open as long as power is available. The menu will be limited. Cost of a meal will be $3 for breakfast and $5 for lunch and dinner. Hours for dining will be posted at the front desk.
• We have asked for toiletries from the Red Cross and should be receiving them soon.

If you have any questions, please call your 24 hour front desk.