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Monday, June 23, 2008

Macbride Nature Recreation Area to open June 24

Macbride Nature Recreation Area will be operational beginning Tuesday, June 24th. The flood waters receded more quickly than originally expected.

Due to flood debris, users are asked to not use the south end of the Bluestem Picnic Area. In addition, it is advised that users bring their own drinking water until the well water at MNRA can be tested.

Wildlife Camps will now take place at Macbride Nature Recreation Area and the originally planned drop-off locations will once again be available.

For questions regarding Macbride Nature Recreation Area, contact Rob DuBay, 319-335-9293
For questions regarding Wildlife Camps, contact Jeanette Luke, 319-335-9293

Additional announcements throughout the week will continue to be posted on the Recreational Services website. Please call 319‐335‐9293 with additional questions.